Starting an Indoor Cannabis Garden

Starting an Indoor Cannabis Garden

Growing cannabis plants isn’t simply like growing any other kind of plant. It requires careful preparation with the right equipment in order for the seeds to grow and prosper into healthy strong plants.

You must first decide if you want a soil based garden or a hydroponic system for your indoor plants.  The next step is to recognize some of the tools and equipment that is typically needed by cannabis farmers to properly tend and grow their plants in a healthy and balanced way.

An indoor garden can be a simple setup such as hanging some wires and installing hooks. There are also more complex gardens that have separation rooms for growing a specific type of plant that prevents contamination from each other. Make sure you consider what type of room you want and what size garden you want.

Air temperature and circulation is essential in an indoor cannabis garden. Exhaust fans are an efficient means of maintaining the cool air in and the warm air out. They let the temperature level to be lowered in the grow area and they also provide fresh air and circulation to the plants.

Lighting fixtures are essential in every indoor garden. The lights that you need will depend on the number of plants that you have, as well as how big the garden is. A factor to consider is the cost. The recommended lights for an indoor cannabis garden are the ones that have hoods and ballasts, and that are capable of switching between high pressure and low. As a precaution, always use a surge protector. To properly use your grow lights, the room needs to have a lot of reflection, allowing the light to bounce. Using Mylar is the best product choice for this, but if you want to save money, you can simply use aluminum foil.

As any farmer knows, pests are very annoying and irritating to deal with. An insect infiltration can quickly destroy your plants and ruin all of your hard work. It is best to find an organic pesticide to use and stay with the same product to ensure that it is not too much for your plants.

With a little research and determination, you can have your own indoor cannabis garden.

Separating Male and Female Plants

Separating Male and Female Plants

It is possible to learn the sex of a plant early, so you can move the male plants out sooner, by covering the lower branch of the plant for 12 hrs. a day while it is in a continuous light vegetative state. Use a black bag or dark material to keep the light out, but still allowing the air to flow. If light is able to reach them throughout the dark phase, they may not show early at all.

Take a magnifying glass and look carefully at the early blossoms. A male plant will have a little club-like looking pre-flower with a tiny stem under it. A female plant is generally a single or double pistil, white and slender, arising from an immature calyx.

Many growers that cultivate their plants outdoors don’t want to dedicate the time and energy to male plants. All of the plants are placed on a 12 hr. light cycle for 2 weeks and then the male plants are separated from the females. The light cycle is reverted back to 8-24 hours to continue the vegetative growth for the female plants.