How to control Whiteflies on marijuana plants

What’s the Whitefly?

Whiteflies are homipteran insects of the Aleyrodidae genus that attack many types of cultivated plants, including cannabis crops. These flies are about 2 mm in length and have whitish appearance, with a pair of wings that serve as displacement method. They’re usually found on the underside of the leaves (where they also lay their eggs, as we’re going to see later) and, like other sucking insects such as Aphids or Mealybugs, they feed on sucking the sap of the plants.

Their body consists of three parts: head, thorax and abdomen. As other insects, they’ve six legs and also a pair of white wings. As already mentioned, they’vebiting-sucking mouth parts thanks to which they can feed on the sap of young leaves and tissues.

Reproduction of the Whitefly

This insect reproduces through eggs, which it lays on the underside of the leaves in a quantity of 180-200 in each egg laying. These eggs are almost microscopic, of oval-pyramidal shape and have a yellowish-white colour. They’ve usually four generations a year (one generation is the duration of the insect’s life-cycle from the egg until it dies like adult) depending on climatic conditions and hygiene, although in the greenhouse they can have up to ten per year, turning so into a serious pest.

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