Separating Male and Female Plants

Separating Male and Female Plants

It is possible to learn the sex of a plant early, so you can move the male plants out sooner, by covering the lower branch of the plant for 12 hrs. a day while it is in a continuous light vegetative state. Use a black bag or dark material to keep the light out, but still allowing the air to flow. If light is able to reach them throughout the dark phase, they may not show early at all.

Take a magnifying glass and look carefully at the early blossoms. A male plant will have a little club-like looking pre-flower with a tiny stem under it. A female plant is generally a single or double pistil, white and slender, arising from an immature calyx.

Many growers that cultivate their plants outdoors don’t want to dedicate the time and energy to male plants. All of the plants are placed on a 12 hr. light cycle for 2 weeks and then the male plants are separated from the females. The light cycle is reverted back to 8-24 hours to continue the vegetative growth for the female plants.

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